Inspired by Chaos Theory, Parallels is a selection of ambient work. All the pieces are derived from simple improvised piano pieces twisted into shape through use of rhythmically applied delays, filters and side chained compressors. Accompanied by huge deep synths the works seek to explore the idea of pulling together free improvised musical ideas into a more deliberate and choreographed asthetic.

Self Similarity - JM Lewis
Minimum Complexity - JM Lewis
Discrete System - JM Lewis
Parallels - JM Lewis
Horseshoe - JM Lewis

No Beats Hear


This recent set of work is a combination of granular synthesis and location sounds. Instruments are side-chained to each other to create confusion that slowly builds to resolution and coherency.

Long Ways - Joe Lewis
Lost in a Crowded Room - J Lewis
Lines Across - Joe Lewis
Commiting This - Joe Lewis
Chamber Grain - Joe Lewis
Minimal Dramatic - Joe Lewis
Stringddddd1v5 - Joe Lewis
Chamber Grain II - Joe Lewis
Lost in a Crowded Room - J Lewis

Tell Spring not to Come This Year - Original Soundtrack


A selection of cues written for the award winning film Tell Spring not to Come this Year

It's Not Us - Joe Lewis
I Havent Reached That Level - Joe Lewis
Coffin to Helicopter - Joe Lewis
Open Spring - Joe Lewis
Surviving Sangin - Joe Lewis

I. Plays. Noodles - Solo Gutar with Loop Pedal


A selection of track from the forthcoming record I. Plays. Noodle. All improvised pieces for electric guitar, loop pedal and delays. 

Looks Like Water - Joe Lewis
Back to Fourth - Joe Lewis
Lock Down - Joe Lewis
Break 1000
Ten Thousand Meters

Op 5. Something Ganular, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something New


A darker set of electronic instrumental pieces written between 2011 - 2017.

Supermoon - Joe Lewis
It went dark boom - Joe Lewis
Another New Year - Joe Lewis

Selected Commercial Vocal Tracks

(2010-  2018)

A selection of downtempo vocal electronica tracks written over the past decade. For more material visit

How & Why - Sizzlax ft Emily Zuzik
Trouble in The Sky (Original Mix)
Caprica Revisited - Sizzlax
Hold On ft Emily Zuzik (2017)
Push it Deeper (Funk me Mix)
Trouble in The Sky (Original Mix)

Op.3 Seven Sides of Lines (2017)

A group of minimal electronica tracks originally written for film pitches that never made it to the final cut.

Many 9 8 Bars Now - J Lewis
2017 2nd Movement.mp3
Minimal Dramatic - Joe Lewis
Minimal Moving - Joe Lewis
Minimal Dark - Joe Lewis

Solo Instruments

Marimba 3 - Joe Lewis
Seven Op 3 - Joe Lewis
Eight Op 3 - Joe Lewis